Jobs and the Economy

Inspiring job creation and fostering a thriving economy must be the number one (#1) priority of the General Assembly. Donna has supported legislation designed to revitalize Pawtucket, positioning us to attract and support the business, manufacturing and industry of tomorrow.

Rebuilding Our Middle Class

It is unacceptable that over the last decade the rich have gotten richer, the poor have gotten poorer, and the “middle class,” once the hallmark of the “American Dream,” has dwindled. Government establishes the rules of the economy and those rules must be designed to rebuild a thriving middle class.


Donna believes that education is a fundamental civil right; every child deserves access to a quality public education. Education is the great equalizer and the bridge to success. Donna believes that we must invest in our children’s future by providing them with a 21st century, top notch education.

Health Care

As Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, Donna plays a leading role in helping to resolve the challenges facing Rhode island’s health care delivery system. Providing affordable access to quality health care is essential. Curbing the skyrocketing costs of health care while improving quality and health outcomes is one of Donna’s top priorities.


Donna’s father was proud to serve our country as a navigator for the United States Air Force during World War II. He instilled in Donna a deep commitment, respect and gratitude for our veterans. Military men and women write a blank check to our great nation, possibly payable with their lives, all to protect America’s freedom, which is anything but free. Our brave Veterans deserve the highest quality healthcare, services and benefits.

Women’s Rights

Women comprise half of the human race, and Rhode Island will be a richer, better state when women achieve equal representation in corporate boardrooms, as CEO’s and in all aspects of civic and business life. Donna is the former Executive Director of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence, so she knows well the toll that violence against women takes on our communities and society as a whole. Donna has always stood up for women’s reproductive freedom and health care. Believing that abortion should be safe, legal and rare, Donna supports every woman’s fundamental right to make for herself, absent government intervention, the very personal decisions associated with reproductive health care.

Animal Rights and Protection

There is no place in civilized society for the mistreatment of any being. Donna has always advocated and voted for legislation promoting animal welfare and protection.

LGBTQ Rights

As the prime sponsor of the Senate Marriage Equality legislation and as Rhode Island’s only openly gay Senator, Donna has been a life long leader and champion of LGBTQ issues. In order to build a more perfect union, we must eliminate discrimination of any kind for America’s promise is truly that of liberty and justice for all.

Energy and the Environment

Rhode Island’s beauty, landscape and sea shore are among our greatest assets. Legislative leaders must act steadfastly to protect these treasures for future generations. Climate change is real and deserves real attention. At the same time and while protecting our environment, Rhode Island must participate in burgeoning energy technology that stands to help fuel Rhode Island’s future.